Horoscope Matching

Horoscope Matching by Date of Birth for Marriage

Why Horoscope Matching?

Horoscope Matching or Kundali Milan is a comparison of two birth charts. The Horoscope Matching is used to check the compatibility of two people so that they can enchant and succeed. Matching with the bride and groom can help them understand their level of friendship and marriage. When in trouble, the matchmaking will ensure a solution for a happy marriage. With changes in social and economic conditions and fundamental changes in women’s status and role in family life, horoscope matching now has greater significance. In addition to comparative education, cultural and professional backgrounds, the bride/groom and their parents are also interested in ensuring that their married life is happy, harmonious and fruitful.

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Marriage is a turning point in the lives of two people and their families. This beautiful relationship links the two souls together for life. It is a new beginning; every man and woman enters an era when they are ready for their commitments and waits for this beginning. Before the Hindu marriage, we often see various rituals. From quite early on, certain rituals were performed. Many families match detailed birth charts to see if their astrology is compatible before deciding to let their children get married. So, what does this Kundli match mean? What does it say? Does it really matter?

Horoscope Matching is an essential step before marriage in India, because people are confident in this ceremony of astrology. Here, Moon’s position plays a significant role. The position of the Moon in the constellations provides astrologers with the two critical aspects of astrology, “Janam Rashi” (moon sign) and “Nakshatra” (constellation).

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    Horoscope Match for Marriage

    Horoscope Matching Process

    Horoscope Matching is also known as “Gun Milan”. In fact, the quality shown in the horoscope matches, so it is called “Gun Milan”. The total number of matching aspects/attributes in the horoscope is 36. If 18 of the 36 attributes are combined, that is, at least 50% of the attributes are combined, the astrologer allows marriage.

    Horoscope Matching and Mangal Dosh

    If the properties in “Kundli Milan” match, the married life will be better. However, if Dosh exists in Kundli, they must resolve it and take the necessary, correct steps. If the marriage is accomplished by ignoring these defects, then according to astrology’s beliefs, contradictions will arise in the marriage. The most important point in “Kundli Milan” is that there is no “Manglik” defect in the caste constellation. Therefore, if there is a demand for horoscope, it is considered appropriate to marry someone with “Mangal Dosh”.


    Q). Is Horoscope matching only for marriage?

    A). Horoscope Matching analysis is carried out to find the compatibility of two people, and then it can be used to analyze the compatibility of life partners and even business partners. In astrology, this is a very complex analysis that can only be done by expert astrologers who have a deep understanding of the subject.

    Q). In Horoscope Matching, How Are Points In Guna Milan Calculated?

    A). Guna Milan matches from eight aspects, which determine the compatibility between husband and wife. Since it is a complicated method, it may be a bit difficult to understand. Simply put, each aspect or Guna has a total of 8 points, which are all assigned points. The first guna is set 1 point, the second guna is set 2 points, and so on, for a total of 36 points. Then use 36 as the maximum score to calculate the Horoscope matching score.

    Q). What Happens To Couples With A Very Low Score In Horoscope Matching?

    A). The low score of Horoscope Matching means trouble in married life. If possible, couples with lower spouse scores should avoid getting married to avoid severe consequences in the future. After consulting a professional astrologer, they can take astrological therapy to alleviate the problems in their future married life.

    Q).  Is It Necessary To Match Horoscope In Late Marriage?

    A). Horoscope Matching is extremely important in every marriage, regardless of the time of marriage or the age of the bride or groom. Constellation matching can tell you the in-depth compatibility with your partner on all levels.

    Q).  Is there a remedy for lovers, whose Kundali Don’t Match?

    A). Kundali Matching does play an essential role in determining the success of the marriage. However, there are other factors. It would be best if you tried to consult an astrologer and check other astrological therapies to find practical solutions.

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