Janam Kundali

Kundali is the term for birth charts in astrology. From birth, the twelve houses in Kundali show the rising position and the position of the planet in various zodiac signs at the time of birth. In short, Janam Kundali is an astrology chart used by astrology practitioners to understand a person’s character and life. A person’s Kundali will show each planetary body’s exact location when he/she was born. Astrologers believe that Janam Kundali is an essential document that can help them understand and explain the various events encountered in a person’s life.

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Janam Kundali and It’s use

Janam Kundali plays a vital role in astrology, especially in Vedic astrology. It expresses the person’s career, education, love life, personality, and aura by analyzing stars and planets’ motion in a particular life. It can solve all problems. For everyone, Janam Kundali is a chain of souls that can solve impending difficulties in life. Janam Kundali was created based on the birth time and date of the person who verified the results.

Janam Kundali is an astrological chart created based on the person’s birth time and date. In this way, the person can be aware of every situation that happens in his life. It is basically based on Vedic astrology. In this case, the conditions of the planets and stars formed when people are born are analyzed. It has 12 different expressions. Through Janam Kundali, it is easy to know the planet’s position, the state of the planet, the fault and the good or bad conditions of formation, and their remedial measures.

All of us hope that we should always be on the road to success, but we don’t have to think about the importance of knowing who will guide this road to success. It is essential to have the right time to seize any opportunity; otherwise, the job will be destroyed. To follow the road to success, it is very important to understand the planets’ position and condition in Janam Kundali. Janam Kundali can explain the planet. It can help a person have a lot of knowledge about their important decisions, such as marriage, occupation, education, work and business.

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    Benefits of Janam Kundali

    • Our professional astrologers will use their knowledge to create a personalized Janam Kundali related to you, which tells you your strengths and weaknesses. In this way, you can overcome your weaknesses, become a better person, and develop your personality.
    • Your Janam Kundalii will provide you with simple, easy-to-follow and zero-cost effective remedies such as mantras, jaaps, simple donations, fasting. It helps to reduce the influence of malicious planets on the birth chart of people, and further utilize the meaning of the rule of beneficial planets.
    • It provides you with insights into possible events, so you can always prepare and plan accordingly. In addition, it also gives you a detailed understanding of all aspects of life, such as finance, love, marriage, occupation, family and interpersonal relationships.
    • The Janam Kundali enables you to make more informed decisions and excel in all aspects of life-marriage life, career, love, finances, education and more


    Q). How do I know my Janam Kundali?

    A). Janam Kundli is created or generated in providing an individual’s date of birth, place of birth and time. In the horoscope chart, the person’s zodiac sign (Rashi) and ascendant (Lagna) are shown together with the planet’s position. When we create Kundli, we can calculate and prepare the entire life cycle from birth to death, predicting the future.

    Q). Can astrology accurately predict the future?

    A). Astrology is Vedanga, which is considered to be the eyes of Vedas. Like Ayurveda and Yoga, astrology and its branches (such as Hora, Murat and Samita), it is the Vedas’ backbone.

    Q). Why should I buy this online Kundli from Ramal Shastra?

    A). Ramal Shastra prepares your Kundli with the help of our experienced team of astrologers. These astrologers will conduct a detailed analysis of your Kundali, and then prepare your report to provide you with the most accurate report.

    Q). Will my personal information be kept confidential?

    A). Absolutely! All details of our customers will be 100% confidential. We will not disclose customer information to anyone, what may happen.

    Q). What if you don’t know the time of birth?

    A). The time of birth is very important for Janam Kundali, but we recommend calling us if you don’t know the time. Our Astrologers will help you in this.

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